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Our competitive rates and exclusive offers are what give us a top notch over our competitors. We promise ‘Unbeatable’ services both in pricing and quality. Here is the one stop destination for your Dream Destination. https://superbcollections.com/ provides you the best travel packages at the lowest possible pricing that gives the best value for your each penny. 

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What We Really Do?

How do we spend our time? Remarkable insights into the day-to-day impact of social changes from a unique team of experts.

History Of Beginning

The history of writing traces the development of expressing language by systems of markings and how these markings were used for various purposes in different societies, thereby transforming social organization.

Our Company Vision

A good mission statement is the most fundamental element of your ecommerce business. It’s the pillar for why you exist and influences your decision making.

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to creating a website.

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to creating a website. The first thing potential customers will want when they visit your site is to understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it. A compelling About Us page is the best way to communicate this information and has the potential to turn website visitors into loyal customers.

The best About Us pages are informative, stylish and distinguish you from your competitors (especially when working on corporate websites). When adding an About Us page to your website, you’ll want to include important aspects of your business’s story, such as when, why and how it started, its mission, and the overall approach to your work. Your page should also reflect your brand’s style, by employing a tone of voice and web design that are unique to its identity. 

While portraying the entire story of your brand on just one page is a challenging task, it’s a worthwhile investment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best About Us pages created by Superb Collections users to inspire you when deciding how to make your website. Use these examples to guide you while creating an About Us page that is as outstanding and professional as you are.

1. Graphic Designer

About page,  graphic designer’s talents are pronounced. Her portrait is professional and adds a personal touch. What really grabs our attention to her graphic design website is that it’s embellished with a groovy animated graphic and a color palette that is bright, but not overpowering. 

A link to her social media profiles, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, give visitors the option of receiving more information about the artist. 

2. Support for Women 

Heroines is a platform which benefits diverse groups of women by hosting supportive events. The About Us page successfully captures the spirit of the organization, beginning with a heartwarming text about its mission and photographs of empowered women who represent their community. 

The website color scheme is gentle, combining purples and pinks that channel positive female vibes. Parallax scrolling helps to engage visitors even more, allowing the areas of color and photographs to shift throughout the page as they browse. 

3. Photographer 

Photographer  has a distinct personal style that expresses itself through her About page. Her colloquial language is lively and approachable, important qualities that people take into account when hiring a professional photographer.

4. Personal Training 

Their About Us page has an upbeat language and eye-popping visual quality that sets the tone for the gym’s personal training philosophy, method and mission. 

Since committing to a personal training program is a big step for many people, it’s a savvy business move on Bodyrock Bootcamp’s part to post various special offers throughout their About Us page. Deals like lower prices for new members and a free trial one-on-one session might be the perfect way to get workout sceptics into the gym for the first time (after all, getting off the couch is half of the work!). 

5. Creative Media Managers

Iqoniq Creative’s About Us page represents the entrepreneurial essence of our generation. The creative media group emphasizes clean visual elements that highlight their professional goals. A succinct text tells us about the company’s work, using a tone that tells us they’re the perfect match for clients who like hard work and have big goals, no matter their location.

Providing a partial client list on their About page is a nice move because it allows Iqoniq Creative to develop a sense of trust with their visitors. A slideshow of testimonials strengthens this credibility.

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