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Bendungan Benel-Bali

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Bendungan Benel-Bali


Bendungan Benel is one of the tourist objects that must be visited if you are in Bali. The location is in Kabupaten Jembrana, not far from some other tourist spots.

Quite strategic too, distance from city center not too far. The pesona presented is quite beautiful, suitable for those who want a relaxing picnic. Initially, it was not much different from the typical bed, which served as a place to collect air.

Nantinya disarranged the villager’s house and started taking care of the surrounding fields. These containers will store air during rainy season, then be stored as storage when the weather returns.

Built in 1986, it occupies an area of approximately 100 hectares. Very spacious of course, and can hold a maximum of 8 million cubic meters.

Apart from its main function, there are many nearby residents who make it as a recreational place. The location is ideal, strategic, and has many views of nature to admire.

Benel, Berangbang, Kec. Negara, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali 82218, Indonesia


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