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Cobra Hood Cave , Sigiriya-Sri Lanka

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Cobra Hood Cave , Sigiriya-Sri Lanka


Located inside the famous Boulder Garden, Cobra Hood Cave is a rocky ledge that resembles a fully opened cobra’s hood. The rock is seen on the way from the south gate to the car park.

History of Cobra Hood Cave

Along with being a natural attraction, the rock is also a historical and mythological attraction. Also known as the “Parumaka Naguliya Lena”, the rock is part of the great Indian epic Ramayana. However, there is not enough proof to the existence of this rock in the epic. Only the name of the rock justifies its association with the Ramayana. Some people believe that Sita was also called Naguli because she was born of a farrow and Cobra Hood Cave is named after her as its other name is Parumaka Naguliya Lena. There are also theories that suggest that Sita was held in custody in this rock.

There is an inscription in the drip ridge dating back to the 2nd century BC that confirms that the rock might have actually belonged to Chief Naguli who in turn donated it to a monk. The history behind this rock is very unclear. But it is sure that the rock is of some historical importance.

Highlights of Cobra Hood Cave

Besides being historically significant, the rock is important from the point of view of art and craftsmanship. The rock was once interiorated with paintings of plants and animals. Some dizzy marks of these Cobra Hood Cave paintings in Sigiriya still show. The paintings depict the stories of the Ramayana.

The rock is a major tourist attraction. It has been proved by scientists that the rock is 100% natural. An interesting feature of the rock is the Lion flight of steps that lead you all the way up to the palace garden on the top. Some excavations took place as a result of which nine human skeletons were found.

So if you are someone who likes to marvel at natural wonders or finds places of historical and mythological significance interesting, you should definitely pay a visit to Cobra Hood Cave. If you are visiting Boulder Garden, then this rock is definitely a must-visit attraction for you because it is located inside Boulder Garden. So, head to the place to admire the natural marvel, learn history and mythology and witness ancient Sri Lankan art.


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