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Masjid Jami’ Nurul Huda Airkuning-Bali

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Masjid Jami’ Nurul Huda Airkuning-Bali


Rumah First Muslim Bali

Gegel is a village in Klungkung district, Klungkung district, Bali province. This village has its own peculiarity considering the fact that it has quite a long history. History related to the journey of Islam to Pulau Bali. One of the unique things about it is the presence of local rules that are followed by those who belong to the Ummah of Islam.

This is the ruling Muslim turtle of the island of Bali. From that history the community of Islam of Pulau Dewata began. In this village about sixty kilometers east of Denpasar, many traces of the spread of Islam are still visible. At present there are at least around 280 head families or around 700 souls living in this village.

Air Kuning, Jembrana, Jembrana Regency, Bali, Indonesia


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