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Pura Menjangan- Bali

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Pura Menjangan- Bali


Menjangan Temple is quite famous for Hindus on the Island of the Gods, Bali and is one of the destinations for snorkeling and diving tourism when tourists vacation in the West Bali tourist area. Menjangan Island is only a small land area of 175 hectares on the side of the West Bali National Park.

Menjangan Island is not inhabited by humans but is dominated by Menjangan animals. Because the island has no inhabitants, it was named Menjangan Island.

Visitors to this island are predominantly people who pray and some tourists enjoy the attraction of the underwater world for diving tourism.

Of course, to get to Menjangan Island, sea transportation is sufficient, namely by motorboat or boat from Lalang pier which takes 30 minutes or from Banyuwedang pier which takes 40 minutes. Piodalan. Pujawali or petoyan at Menjangan Temple coincides with Purnama Kapitu.

Location of Menjangan Temple
Menjangan Temple is located on Menjangan Island, Sumber Klampok Village, Grokgak District, Buleleng Regency. Menjangan Temple is quite famous for Hindus for the purpose of Tirta Yatra, its location is on the other side of the island, without human inhabitants.

The nature is beautiful, especially the underwater world, the situation is private and peaceful, making Menjangan Island quite unique and special, providing descriptions of nature that is calm, magical and beautiful, so that it has become a place of recreation and tour destination for travelers on holiday to the Island of the Gods, Bali.

Sumber Klampok, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81155, Indonesia


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